Image © Michael Clark
Image © Michael Clark

Professional Routesetting

One of very few US women setting national or international competitions, Brandi has worked on television production level climbing events since 2003. Because the events she works are televised, her routesetting style is focused on exciting, dynamic movement that is media-friendly and appeals to a broad audience. She strives to represent the sport of bouldering in a way that is both challenging to athletes and intriguing to spectators. She has set for commercial gyms since 1995 and draws on her personal experience as a competitor to develop routes and concepts that are progressive and unique.


ESPN Asian X-Games (Televised: ESPN Int’l. & STAR Sports Asia)
’07 AXG – Shanghai, China
’05 AXG – Seoul, South Korea
’04 AXG – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

‘03 Ford Adventure Sport Challenge, Beaver Creek, CO
(Televised: ON, OLN)

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