Image © Michael Clark
Image © Michael Clark

Protein Powder from PowerBar!

I recently began using ProteinPlus and so far have experienced great results. It tastes great, is really convenient and has been providing me with noticeable recovery and strength gains when I drink it after my workouts. I can definitely recommend this product to my clients and friends!

ProteinPlus is a high-quality protein powder drink mix that’s perfect for athletes or anyone undertaking a strength or resistance training program. Get the protein you need – in the amounts you need – and without the extra calories that come from fat or added carbs.

Protein is essential to help repair, maintain and grow human tissues and muscles. The three types of protein in the TriSource™ blend are digested at different rates to provide muscles with sustained amino acid delivery. Take one serving 30–60 minutes after working out to help build lean muscle.

Visit the PowerBar website to learn more about ProteinPlus and all of PowerBar’s other great products!